Thursday, 28 January 2016

MAC Ellie Goulding Collection!

MAC collaborated with Ellie Goulding to bring out a whole new collection, this was released Mid-December 2015. The collection was a range of pinks, corals and nudes which are the colours Ellie uses most in her signature looks. For me these colours are ideal as these are my go to colours when I do my make up. The packaging for this line in my opinion I love it, it's so simple ad classy with the black background with rose gold detailing - this is the same for the boxes it has a rose gold inside which is a nice touch. The products I purchased from this line are;

Powder Blush in I'll Hold My Breath - this combines two products one being a bronzer and the other a blush, the bronzer is a lovely warm-toned with flecks of gold shimmer in it. The shade reminds me of Laguna by NARS. I have quite fair skin and it works amazingly making sure I don't look too orange which I often have a problem with when it comes to bronzers. The blush in this is a peachy pink pearl with has a lovely shine to it, giving the skin a nice glow. The blush and bronzer work really nice with each other by complimenting the skin lovely.You can either lightly apply this or you can build it up nicely, these colours will work on all different types of skin tones. The finish of the bronzer is matte and the finish of the blush is satin, these also feel amazing and creamy when you're applying.

Plushglass in Explosion - this is a clear gloss which has gold flecks of glitter in it giving it an amazing finish, in some products which have glitter in them you can't really tell but in this you can definitely see the glitter! You can wear this on it's own or over a lipstick. It is creamy when applied and lasts for a while unless of course you're eating it will come off slowly but this can easily be topped up. This is the perfect subtle shade for an everyday look or even to be used for a night time look for the glitter.

PatentPolish Lip Pencil in Innocent - I have never used one of the PatentPolish lip pencils before so decided I would give it a go with a nude, and I was definitely happy I did! They are super creamy and give a lot of colour pay off on the lips depending on the finish you want from this. But from just applying one coat you get an amazing colour from it. The finish you get from this is a lovely shine so this could be applied over a lipstick if you wanted to either lighten the middle of your lips or add an overall gloss. There was another colour which she did bring out but it was a coral and I don't think I would have worn that one as much as I would wear this. Innocent has a everyday vibe to it which is ideal if you don't want to go overboard with make up but want to put a little on.

Cremesheen Lipstick in Without Your Love - just your typical MAC lipstick really however they have added a lot more detail to it, you can see this in the picture I have attached. They went and added the logo for this collection onto the lipstick which is amazing but doesn't make me want to wear it because it looks stunning! I went for the lighter pink over the coral as like I have mentioned before I tend to go for these colours and they work with my skin tone. I have yet to try it but I think that Explosion would look amazing over the top of this lipstick to give it that extra added sparkle. Both lipsticks in this collection have a Cremesheen finish which is one of my favourite finishes by MAC as it leaves my lips feeling super moisturised and soft during the day.

Overall I really like this collection, if I was to bring out my own collection with MAC it would definitely be along the lines of this. I still think you can get a few items of Ellie's collection but I'd hurry as I'm not too sure when it will be gone. I do know a few products such as the lipsticks are out of stock which is a shame. I tend to be that person that always misses out on the new collections but this time I was on time and managed to bag myself some goodies!

Did you try any of the products from Ellie's line? Let me know in the comments!

Until Next Time,

Paige x