Sunday, 10 January 2016

Sales, Sales and More Sales! Part 1

If you haven't already spent a load of money at Christmas this is just another reason to spend! The Boxing Day Sales! This year I was prepared for them and had saved up a bit of money and decided to treat myself. I have had to split this post into two seperate ones or we would be here all day! Trust me! I did a lot of my ordering online just to save me time and the effort of going out in the manic sales just isn't for me, I hate having to fight my way through people to get something. A lot of the sales were on before Christmas so I ended up doing a lot of my ordering on Christmas Eve.

River Island had a good sale on which I was able to pick up a few good bargains. I got my usual oversized t-shirts because you really can't go wrong with them especially when they're only £10! I also picked up two tops which were similar both camel/beige with a high neck which have now become my favourites in my wardrobe! Another random thing I bought was some pug air fresheners for my car I only got it because it simply had a pug on it hahaha, and finally some shoes which were only £8 they have a Vans style to them but they are cream with a diamond jewels decoration to them across the front of the foot. I can't show all the clothing as some of it is in the wash.

New Look I didn't buy much I simply only ordered from here to get a dressing gown that I saw in the Black Friday sales but didn't purchase it and luckily it was in the sale it was a coral short dressing gown which says "this girl loves sleep" on the back, with this I got some pug Christmas slippers, a pj top which says "it's a bed hair and pj kinda day" and a Christmas top which has Buddy the Elf on because strangely enough no matter how much I love Elf I didn't have any tops with him on.

Urban Outfitters have some amazing home items which I love so when I was out I decided to have a look and see if there was anything I could pick up. I have wanted to get some of their photo frames for a while which have the glitter inside that moves about so I picked up two of these for only £8 each! I was going to buy the Moscow Mule mug online when it was reduced down but I never did and then it disappeared from being online, just my luck. Luckily they did have the mug in so I picked one of them up along with some marble effect cups which look so tumblr but also amazing. They remind me of something you would have milkshakes in or have in your bathroom with toothbrushes sat in.
Vans had up to 50% off on certain lines and I didn't expect them to have their Disney Limited Edition shoes in this but to my surprise they did and yes of course you have to buy some especially when you're a big Disney fan like myself. I went to order the Alice in Wonderland ones online but they didn't have my size and the website messed up when I went to buy the 6.5 ones. Luckily I ended up going into town and the Vans shop in town had some in my size too I was so happy with this purchase because not only did I get the shoes but they were only £36.40 down from £52!!! Definitely my best saving yet!

I will post the continuation of my sales haul in a few days to follow on from this! Hope you got plenty of good bargains this year in the sales! I didn't go into much detail with what I purchased as this would have gone on forever! If you do want to know anything else just leave a comment, also let me know what your best bargain was in the comments!

(ps sorry about the pictures I had to find them online as the photos I had have disappeared and all my stuff has been put away now.)

Until Next Time,

Paige x