Tuesday, 5 January 2016

What I Got For My Birthday!

So a few days after Christmas it was my birthday and with me trying to split these up as I do have a few hauls to do I have done this a little while after just so you aren't bombarded with hauls. I haven't been able to take pictures of everything I got because a lot of it has been put away but the things I had to hand I have taken a picture of. I was s grateful for everything I received from my friends and family and I am not trying to brag in anyway.

Viktor & Rolf BonBon Perfume - my mum and dad have heard me go on about this perfume ever since we went on holiday this perfume has been a scent that I have needed to own, it was the first one I picked up in the airport and it was a winner and from then on I have loved it. The only downside the price so I had put off buying it myself for so long until I opened this on my birthday, to me it's your typical girly smell which pretty much sums me up when it comes to perfumes. The bottle is also a win giving it that girly edge with it being the shape of a bow with the small detailed tag which has the brand name on.

2016 Home Leeds Rhinos Shirt - I didn't expect this at all but I haven't had a new shirt the past few years and this was a complete surprise it wasn't something I asked for but I did really like the design of it. I got this from my sister along with a few pairs of again more pug socks and unicorn socks which I LOVE!

From one of my bestfriends I received the Zoella Bath Bombinis which I love! Especially the jars they come in because they can be used for so many different things. She also got me a MAC voucher which me receiving that on my birthday was just the best thing ever but it also proves how well she knows me because she knows that I will definitely use this! I was going to put myself on a spending ban with make up but I can't just leave a MAC voucher sat there can I? hahaha!

Another one of my bestfriends got me an Olaf money bank which for me is just the best thing ever because I was looking for a money box and what better timing to receive one of these! Especially when it was an Olaf one because all my friends know how much I love Frozen.Along with this he got me a pug calender which again all of my friends know I love pugs so this again was amazing to receive and some biscuits which of course I love tea and what makes tea better is biscuits mmm!

I also received more Frozen related items from my bestfriend which was lights and chocolates, along with this she got me a Pug tumbler which I love and now use on a regular basis! I had gone on about my new love for beauty blenders to my friend and she bought me the Real Techniques 2 pack which I can now say I have enough beauty blenders to last me a good few years! Finally I got a Make Up Revolution Lip Lacquer in the shade 'More Than I Could Give' which is a gorgeous nude/pink shade which again is a favourite colour of mine which I like to wear.

That is all my presents which I received from my friends and family for my birthday along with money that I received from other family members which I put to good use in the sales hahaha! I am thankful for everything I received from everyone and had an amazing birthday! I am thinking about doing a post on the place I went with maybe a few pictures etc. Let me know if you would like that?

Until Next Time,

Paige x