Sunday, 24 January 2016

I'm Going To IMATS London 2016!!

If you don't already know IMATS is International Make-Up Artist Trade Show which is held every year in Toronto, Sydney, Los Angeles, New York, Vancouver and London. I have always seen so much said about this and seen so many people vlog and blog about going, and it looks amazing! They have a large range of different Make-Up brands which participate in the trade show. The trade show is mainly for people who have an interest in make up, work in the make up industry either in special fx, TV or film etc.

Brands which are scheduled to be at the London one this year are popular brands such as MAC Cosmetics, Urban Decay, Make Up Forever, Bobbi Brown and NYX Cosmetics etc, there is also other brands which you can't either get in the UK such as NYX but this has recently become more available in the UK now as well as other brands which aren't very known. IMATS you can sometimes get some good bargains as some stalls might have from 20% - 50% off their products which any make up lover will jump at the chance to get new products at such an affordable price.

I am going to the Saturday 4th June one and I am definitely going to start the saving now if I do want to buy anything! But I am looking forward to seeing some of the amazing pieces of art that some of the artists can make because it blows your mind away at what make up can achieve!

Tickets cost £45 and after the 19th April go up to £50 you can buy tickets on the door but I know they are definitely more expensive if you do that. I am so excited to be eventually attending IMATS London! I will definitely be doing a post on my visit there and the things which I purchased.

Have you ever been to IMATS? Any suggestions? Let me know in the comments!

Until Next Time,

Paige x