Thursday, 21 January 2016

Victoria's Secret Christmas Sales Haul!

This is the last haul that I will be doing with the Christmas Sales, I eventually received my parcel from Victoria's Secret and yes it was definitely a bag full of goodies! The only downside to this order was having to pay the Shipping and Taxes as it was sent over from America however I still managed to get some amazing deals in the sale. They had underwear from £4.99 down to £2.99 so I managed to grab around 10 pairs of these and can I say these are the best I have ever worn!! I don't know why I haven't had these sooner I have definitely being missing out on these.

I picked up a jumper from PINK! which was just a thin plain white jumper that said "GO PINK OR GO HOME" on the back with "PINK NATION" printed just on the front on the left hand side, this is the most comfiest jumper ever just to have as a lounge around. I did pick up another jumper when I went into Victoria's Secret just after my birthday and got a coral jumper which says "Victoria" across the front - this again is another comfy lounge about jumper but you could probably get away with going out in these if you needed to quickly go to the shops.

The sleepshirts which Victoria's Secret do are amazing quality and are so nice to sleep in they don't stick to you and you have more than enough room in them to move about. I picked up two one which was the classic pink and white stripes that had "Angel Victoria's Secret" on the front and another one which was hot pink that had "I look best undressed" printed on the front. Then I got a PJ set which was a 3/4 length sleeve top which says "LOVE VICTORIA'S SECRET" on it which had matching shorts to go with it. All of these had 50% off and if you know Victoria's Secret you know how pricey it can be in there so this was definitely a good purchase.
Online I got one of the classic PINK dog ornaments which everyone seems to have I got the small gold foil one which has black PINK all over it to stick with my theme in my room, and finally I got a vest which just says Victoria's Secret on the front it is a racer back style on the back and is quite oversized as well making it ideal sleepwear or loungewear.

I have definitely had a Victoria's Secret hole in my life which is now filled and will definitely be going back! I can't believe I have not had this in my life until now.
I can't show you a lot of these products as they have been worn and in the wash, so I apologise for the lack of pictures. But I will try get a few images off the website to show you.

Have you grabbed any good bargains from Victoria's Secret? Let me know in the comments!

Until Next Time,

Paige x