Thursday, 5 November 2015

October Favourites!

So October's over, November's here. I thought I would share with you my favourites from October, some of these have been my favourites for over a month I would have done them in past favourites but with me not actually starting this blog until the end of October when I was able to actually sit and put the time and effort into this, but these products have continued to be a favourite for over a month.

Clinique Contour Chubby Stick - I wanted to purchase this for so long after seeing Emily Canham (imhereforever on YouTube) using it and giving it nothing but good reviews. But I didn't want to spend the money if I wasn't going to like it, so like any person I waited till I was going on holiday and got it in Duty Free for less.
This is something I have reached for whenever I do my make up whether it's being used on it's own or as a base under my contour, it's easily blendable and you don't need that much on for it to give the desired look. I have quite fair skin and this works well with my skin tone but I have seen it used on so many different skin tones which is an added bonus.

Avon Anew Mascara and Serum - Hearing about different serums to use on eyelashes I never thought they would actually work, but I have been corrected the Avon Anew Serum is a god send it actually works! I use this whenever I put mascara on now this has done nothing but make them look even better.
The serum is said to strengthen your eyelashes and make them look fuller which I agree it does. Using the mascara along with this serum is the best combination I have worn no other mascara since I got this. I am not really keen on plastic wands when it comes to mascara I personally prefer the bristles, but this is amazing the wand makes sure you can get every lash and gives it a good coverage without it looking too clumpy. I am really happy that I decided to purchase this because I will definitely be repurchasing this.

Zoella Wonder Hand - Been the type of person that never really bothered with hand cream unless I really needed it, but after getting the Zoella Wonder Hand I don't know why I haven't been using it more often because my hands feel amazing! Especially with my job my hands are prone to getting dry especially now with it getting to winter.
Before I bought this I was worried that it would be strong smelling and with this having the same scent as Zoella's original collection which I wasn't very keen on.I didn't want it to be too strong for me. But to my surprise it isn't strong smelling at all. The one thing everyone needs in a good hand cream is that it's fast drying especially if you're on the go and can't be waiting around for it to sink in which luckily this one dries really fast leaving your hands feeling amazingly hydrated.

MAC Yash Matte Lipstick - MAC lipsticks are my ultimate favourite lipstick ever, if I could I would buy every shade possible. I am one to go for nudes, pinks and browns.
Yash is one of my most recent purchases and I don't know why I didn't find out about this sooner, this has been one of my new favourites from MAC I had never heard much about it unlike Velvet Teddy which everyone has hyped about and I agree on the hype it's amazing. Yash has taken over my love for Velvet Teddy it's the perfect nude and ideal if you don't want a lipstick that needs to look perfect for it to look good.

I'd love to know what your favourites from October are, let me know in the comments.

Until Next Time.

Paige x