Sunday, 29 November 2015

Black Friday Madness!

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Black Friday is one of the times where you can sometimes grab some really good bargains! Last year I was stuck in work so wasn't able to go to the sales. However this year I was well prepared I saved up and put myself on a spending ban until the day as well as making sure I wasn't working.

A lot of shops had already started some online Black Friday deals which I managed to get an order in before it all got cleared out. ASOS did have a good deal on you could get 20% off everything and this was a offer which lasted from Thursday all through the weekend. I will do a post on the stuff I got when it arrives.

I was dreading going actual shopping in case it would be hectic but it wasn't that bad especially compared to last year. I think that was mainly because not many places did join in with Black Friday but the ones that did they had some really good offers, Kiko was one of them that I would personally say was one of my favourite offers you could buy 3 items and then get 3 free, I had never been into Kiko before but I was amazed and I am really looking forward to trying the stuff out I managed to get my hands on some of the Christmas Edition collection. What I got from Kiko I will cover in another post so you can admire the beauty better!

The shopping didn't stop I had been bitten by the bug and ended up going to another shopping centre later on that night just to see if I could pick up anymore good bargains which I did get a new lip liner from MAC as they had 10% off beauty in Debenhams. There wasn't majorly anything on offer that I got but I did pick up a few bargains.

Everyone hates the thought of Black Friday but I love it, maybe I'm just a lover of bargains but who isn't? If you can get something 50% or even 20% cheaper it's a bonus and at the end of the day you may have broke your bank a little but at least you managed to save some money. This is ideal for people who need to get Christmas shopping but want to try save as much money as possible. It's even better now because a lot of places have online shopping and the deals last all weekend so even if you can't make the sales you can still grab yourself a bargain online.

I will try do posts on the stuff I got but because I got quite a lot I don't want to make this post a really long one, so I will probably split it all up a bit and make it into a few posts.

Did you get any good bargains? Let me know in the comments below!

Until Next Time.

Paige x