Thursday, 3 December 2015

November Favourites!

It's now officially time to get in the Christmas spirit! But before that I'm going to just going to cover some of my November favourites. November has flown by but I have actually managed to find some new favourites.

The L'Oreal True Match Foundation has now taken over from my No7 Beautifully Matte which I thought it would be pretty hard because I love that! But after my friend tried it on me I knew I needed to get it and instantly bought it a few days after. Me and my friend are similar in skin tone so we are usually the same in most foundations. The colour matches me amazingly and the coverage is buildable so you can get both sheer and full coverage from just one foundation. I did find it was quite watery but I have got use to that so it doesn't bother me as much. I am fairly pale so I have one of the lightest shades which is 1.N.

I have never been one to bother with beauty blenders but I received one in my GlossyBox so why not try it - I am glad I did because it is amazing the finish it gives you after you have blended all your make up out is just flawless! Why didn't I try this any sooner? It was weird when I first used it because I was so use to just using brushes but my ways have now changed. I would recommend you try a beauty blender if you haven't before you won't be disappointed! (excuse the state of mine it's due a clean)

Emite Make Up Diamond Heart Base Primer is another item I received in my GlossyBox which I'm also happy with I have never heard of this brand before but from the packaging I was expecting good things, this primer is now a go to in my daily make up routine and works fantastic alongside my L'Oreal True Match Foundation. I only have the travel size so I might have to look into getting the full size product. It's different to my other primers as its not very drying which for me is a bonus, it leaves my skin feeling amazing.

Victoria Secret body sprays have always been hyped up by everyone so I thought I'd give them a go. Luckily for me they had their Christmas selection out which I love Christmas scents so I immediately fell in love with these. Winter Cranberry is my all time favourite I have not stopped wearing it and when Christmas is over I will be pretty gutted as I won't be able to get it anymore, maybe I should stop using it as much now just so I have enough to last me a year hahaha! Can I add aswell that the packaging of the sprays is one of my favourites you can tell it's limited edition because it is different to the normal bottles, but overall they have changed the design of their bottles making them look a lot more classy and sophisticated in my opinion.

This month has gone by so fast for me, I don't really have many favourites this month as I still have a lot to try but I keep buying more and more stuff which I need to stop because it is becoming unhealthy. Also sorry this is late, I had the post ready but no pictures to go with it and work has been hectic with Christmas hours starting.

What have been your November favourites? Let me know in the comments!

Until Next Time,

Paige x