Monday, 14 December 2015

Christmas Decorations!

It's nearly Christmas! Which means it's definitely time to be getting the tree and decorating - this is one of my favourite parts about Christmas. In my house we all put the decorations up together this has sort of become a family tradition. We have always gone for the fake tree but this year after the endless amounts of begging I did last year for a real tree, we eventually got one this year which can I add I am so happy we did. I feel even more Christmassy just from having a real tree, silly I know hahaha.

I also put up my own tree in my bedroom which is only a small fake one, just to add some Christmas spirit into my room. My theme this year was red, white and reindeers I only like having a theme in my bedroom, but the main tree in the house is more of a sentimental one as it has a lot of baubles from places we have been, things we have picked up from over the years etc.

Christmas is not Christmas to me now without a little bit of Frozen or in my case a lot of Frozen, so I decided to pick up a few bits and pieces. These were all put on the main tree as the tree in my room is a little too small for these.

The first things I got were some plastic baubles which had the Frozen characters on I got these from Homebase - along with a Olaf figurine which I will keep that out all year round, sadly I didn't realise that Olaf had a bit of a mark on his face :( The plastic baubles were £1.99, the bigger round one was £3.99 and I think the figurine was £4.99. (I'm not 100% sure on prices as I don't have the receipt anymore)

I noticed that Disney is one of the best places for Christmas tree decorations especially they had some pot Frozen baubles which looked amazing of course they were expensive but it's the quality you're paying for. Sadly I missed out on these as the ones I saw were broken and then they sold out. I did however get these soft toy decorations for the tree, which I will also keep out after Christmas and find a place for them to hang in my bedroom. The soft toy decorations were on sale and had been reduced down to £15.16 from £18.99 which I thought was a good bargain.

All the items which are in my bedroom I got from Country Baskets which I'm not 100% sure on the prices but they weren't overly expensive. I go here every year when it's Christmas because they have some really nice vintage things. The 3 star blocks which say HO HO HO on I got these from my work which cost me around £1.20.

Have you put your Christmas tree up yet? Do you have any family traditions? Let me know in the comments!

Until Next Time,

Paige x