Sunday, 1 November 2015

⛄ Lush Christmas Products ⛄

L-R Snow Fairy, Candy Mountain, Peeping Santa, Magic Wand, Yog Nog and Father Christmas

It's getting to that time of year when Lush starts to bring out their Christmas range. This is one of my favourite times of the year and it definitely gets me in the Christmas spirit. So I decided to grab some before I missed my chance.

The Peeping Santa (bubble bar) £3.95 - I haven't seen this one before in Lush but it's definitely a new favourite of mine, the cute design of this bubble bar is a Santa peeking out from under his hat which has small red hearts on. It has a sweet smell of strawberries which isn't too over powering, I don't quite understand what strawberries have to do with Christmas, but I'm not complaining I love it!

Candy Mountain (bubble bar) £2.95 - this always reminds me of the unicorn horn which Lush brought out, this is another sweet smelling bubblegum candy bubble bar. This is very girly with the pink and white swirl and the added glitter.

Father Christmas (bath bomb) £3.65 - this is an old favourite at Lush. If you like Snow Fairy you will love this as this bath bomb has the same scent but it's not as strong so this might be better for some people who aren't a big fan of Snow Fairy if it's too strong for them. The bath bomb is just red and white with Santa's face being the bath bomb itself.

Yog Nog (bath bomb) £3.95- the Yog Nog bath bomb is one of my personal favourites, the smell of toffee, caramel and spices which to me is the true smell of Christmas. They also have a Yog Nog soap which they also have out throughout Christmas. On the bath bomb it is a golden/yellow and white colour with Christmas patterns such as Christmas Trees and Stars around it.

Star Magic Wand (bubble bar) £5.25- the pink star covered in silver glitter is the perfect bubble bar which can I add is reusable, all you need to do is swirl it around your bath and it will fill your bath with bubbles. Even down to the detailing it has a small silver bell with a ribbon, when using it in your bath it makes everything that little bit more magical. It's like Snow Fairy on a stick!

Snow Fairy (body wash) £12.95 for 500g - everyone and their dog knows about Snow Fairy and it comes back year after year, you have to make sure you get enough of it before it's gone. The sweet candy bubblegum smell fills the bathroom for hours after you have used it.

Christmas products at Lush need to be sweet smelling and contain plenty of glitter (what more could you want) of course Lush have manage to achieve this year after year!

What are your Lush favourites at Christmas? Is there any I need to try?

Until next time.

Paige x