Sunday, 25 October 2015

The Start Of Something New

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Well after naming this post "The Start Of Something New" and High School Musical coming straight into my head. I thought I best do my first post regardless of how daunting it is, I have wanted to start a blog for over a year now from reading many blogs such as Zoella etc, I thought I may aswell give it a go. I have had this here for ages but I just never knew where to start.

On my blog I will be posting about fashion, lifestyle and beauty (gives it away in the name) I will try my best to be consistent with posts, and schedule them because I have a full time job so hopefully I will manage to get around that. But hey I'm Paige and welcome to my blog! I hope that this won't be the only post on here. It would be really nice if you could give me a follow or even a comment.

Until next time.

Paige x