Thursday, 26 November 2015

⛄ German Christmas Market ⛄

There is nothing that can get you in the Christmas mood like the German Christmas Market. The Christmas lights, mulled wine, beer and being able to get all wrapped up looking around the small stalls. Which I'd like to add are definitely quirky in their own way. You can pick up some nice gifts from the German Market if you want to give a present with it's own added touch which can't be found everywhere, it gives it that little more personal sense to it with them usually being a one off.

I have been to the Christmas market before and the one thing to always catch my eye is the candles, nothing new there because I am always buying candles. So I decided to buy some they were adorable with them being Christmas themed and I thought why not it was 10 for £12, or 1 for £1.50 so I thought why not may aswell get 10 plus I think it would have been quite hard to just pick a couple.

From looking around this year I noticed that honey and beeswax is a big thing, from beeswax candles to honey alcohol which my friend did get she got 'Hot Honey Mead' which in my opinion was very weird, it smelt like vinegar and cough medicine weird mix I know. From having a sip of this it was alright but the aftertaste was weird not bad but weird, luckily I didn't get one for myself as I wouldn't have been able to drink all that myself.

The food there is amazing it's the usual potato cakes, garlic bread, german sausage etc or sweet treats like popcorn, sweets and waffles. They do some amazing marshmallows which are HUGEE! however I can't eat these with me being a vegetarian but my mum and sister did get some, sadly I wasn't quick enough to get a picture of these before they got eaten.

Hopefully I will be going back to the German Christmas Market with my friends so I will be able to pick up some more things hopefully, it's such a lovely atmosphere and it just gets you in the Christmas spirit.

Until Next Time,

Paige x

(ps I'm sorry if this is really poorly written or if there is any errors, I just needed to get a post up and ready for tomorrow instead of leaving it hahaha!)