Sunday, 21 February 2016

Simple Spotless Skin Spot Fighting Review!

Lately my skin has been awful I don't know if a product I have used has caused it to break out but it definitely wasn't great! It was the worst my skin has been for a long time! So I decided I would try give Simple a try as I have heard so much about this brand but never been one to give it a try. I saw that they had something which was suppose to help with blemishes instantly. I read the reviews and as they were all good I thought why not give it a go. They were also on offer at half price which was an added bonus. The products I tried from this range were;

Simple Spotless Skin Triple Action Face Wash it is said that with this product you should be able to see results from the 1st day of using it, which I 100% agree with as the redness in my spots had gone down and they were starting to fade. I'm glad I decided to try this product when my skin was really bad so I could give a full opinion on if it worked etc which it did! I am still using it but I will definitely be repurchasing this product. RRP £2.49 (this is with a third off on Superdrug)

I also saw the Simple Spotless Skin Spot Zapper which I wasn't going to originally get but with my skin being so bad I wanted practically everything just to try and reduce them down. According to this product it is suppose to help reduce spots within 4 hours of them appearing, like who wouldn't want a product that does this?! When I first tried this product I had a freshly clean face after using the face wash and you could feel it working as it tingles when you apply it to the affected areas. This is definitely a quick alternative if you have a new spot appearing, this might have worked faster for me if I had this when my spots first appeared but I didn't. After using it though the next day I saw a big difference which I'm guessing is from both of these products. RRP £3.65 (this is with a third off on Superdrug)

If you have had a bad break out then I definitely recommend this product for you, it has helped to take the redness down in my spots dramatically! Or if you suffer from acne or spot prone skin then this should really help your skin. Simple products are suitable for all skin types even sensitive so they don't cause no irritation to your skin. From this being my first time using Simple products I will definitely be getting more as they aren't badly priced either.

Have you got any products that you can recommend for bad break outs? Let me know in the comments!

Until Next Time,

Paige x