Thursday, 4 February 2016

Make Up Revolution Pro Cleanse Brush Tool Review

I am all about trying out new things especially when it comes to something which could potentially help me clean my brushes a lot faster and easier. I have used some products from Make Up Revolution before which have been amazing! I didn't know they had brought out their own brush tool to help you clean your brushes. This has been something which I have seen a few different brands bring out such as Real Techniques. I bought this because why not surely it's going to be worth it especially with it only being £4.99, this to me is quite inexpensive if it does its job. I picked mine up from Superdrug but they do have it on their website.

After using this the other day I thought I would share my thoughts I have quite mixed reviews on this product but I'm not saying it's bad because it isn't it's definitely worth the money. Lets look at the pros and cons.

- it is a lot easier and faster when it comes to cleaning my brushes, it definitely saves me a lot of time compared to when I would clean my brushes without the tool.
- the bumps help remove more make up giving it more of a deep clean which helps reach further up the bristles, the places which you might not be able to give a good clean without the tool.
- the price for this product is amazing for what you get, and you aren't over spending.
- it will last a long time so is definitely a good investment.
- great for eye brushes and concealer brushes.

- the surface area of the tool is too small it is ideal for eye brushes, but as soon as you want to clean bigger brushes such as powder brushes it takes a lot longer because all of the brush doesn't fit. This meaning you have to spend more time on that brush giving it multiple washes.
- there is a lot more better ones on the market such as Real Techniques they have a bigger area to work with and they will only be a few more pounds expensive.
- after cleaning your brushes for a long time it does get kind of uncomfortable after so long with you wearing it on two fingers when cleaning the brushes.

Overall I will still use this tool but I think I will be looking into buying the Real Techniques one just with them being a lot bigger so I can use it for all my brushes. By all means this is a great product especially for eye brushes you will definitely get a good clean with your brushes in a lot less time, you also can't go wrong as it's pretty self explanatory. If I only have a few brushes I probably would just stick to using my hand as I wouldn't see this as a necessary item for someone to have, unless you do have a lot of make up brushes it will just help reduce down the time you spend cleaning them.

Have you tried any of these tools? Let me know in the comments!

Until Next Time,

Paige x