Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Halsey Badlands Tour Birmingham Show!

On Saturday 20th February I saw Halsey at Birmingham, this was my first time seeing Halsey I took my sister for her birthday but I am also a fan of her so I thought kill two birds with one stone. Also I don't think any of my friends are a fan of her so I couldn't ask them to go with me. The two opening acts were okay I can't remember their names but to me at concerts the opening acts I never pay much attention to them.

Halsey definitely knows how to put on a show, it was quite an intimate show as it was in an academy so they tend to be a lot more intimate than a arena gig. I prefer these because of how intimate they are but if you compare these to arena gigs the artists tend to be smaller and really appreciate their fans not saying people who do arena's don't but after watching Halsey preform one of her songs she practically got up on the barrier and got as close to the crowd she could and spoke about being close to the fans is what she likes rather than being up on stage. Which this got me thinking how much more intimate these type of concerts are.

I didn't really take many pictures or videos at Halsey's concert, which I think from now on I am going to do this a lot more often as you can really enjoy the show yourself rather than thinking about taking pictures and videos all night. You feel a lot more connection from the artist this way. Everyone obviously feels differently at concerts but its someones place where they are able to just let go without anyone judging etc.

In my opinion Birmingham o2 Academy isn't the best place I have ever been as I thought the organisation of the whole event was awful, there was hardly any staff outside so you didn't know where you had to stand. Inside it wasn't too bad but when everyone stood up it took the staff around 2 songs to eventually get everyone sat back down which usually past concerts I have been to they have got them sat down straight away. I would go again definitely and I would again see Halsey without a doubt!!

My next concert is The 1975 which I am so excited for, I have seen them twice before this will be my third, and they are another band that know how to do an amazing show. I will probably do a post on my experience when I go.

What are your favourite types of concerts? Let me know in the comments!

Until Next Time,

Paige x