Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge Review

Over the past few months beauty blenders have been a big thing to come out in make up, it wasn't until recently that I had decided to try them out and got my first ever one in a GlossyBox. I didn't think I was going to like them at first but when I tried it I was pleasantly surprised. You have a point on one end which helps with precision such as concealer under your eyes and smaller places, then you have a flat end which has a larger surface area which is ideal for applying foundation.

Beauty Blenders are best used damp which can I just say they practically double in size but you can use them dry too. It helps to give you that photoshop flawless finish to your foundation and concealer, but you can use them for practically anything. I use mine to blend my foundation out or I use it alongside a brush and use the beauty blender to dap all over my face to remove any excess product which I might have on my face. They can soak up your product so you can feel like you're losing some of your product so I tend to apply the product to my face first - then use the beauty blender to blend it all out.

I often got creasing under my eyes from my concealer but using my beauty blender to dab under my eye before I apply my powder helps to prevent creasing from it taking away any excess product I have. In my opinion the Real Techniques sponge is the best one I have tried, apparently the beauty blender is suppose to be good but I haven't wanted to spend money on another when I have 5 at home. Yes this is excessive but I got some for Christmas so I am definitely well stocked up. Real Techniques gives you the option to buy one or you can buy 2 which when I got mine they were on offer in Superdrug so I definitely recommend keeping an eye out for any offers which might appear.

If you're like me and have heard the horror stories on YouTube etc about bugs being in them that did put me off at first. But I don't think that it's true I would just say make sure that you always wash them thoroughly to make sure you get any excess product out and to clean away any bacteria. They do have a beauty blender soap which you can use or if you just want a cheap alternative I use baby shampoo works exactly the same!

I definitely recommend giving them a go they're worth it and have so many different uses to them. I am glad I jumped on the band wagon when I did, my make up has never looked more flawless ever! I owe a thanks to my beauty blender for that!

Until Next Time,

Paige x