Thursday, 17 March 2016

BeautyBay Haul!

BeautyBay is something I have heard so many people go on about buying from for certain brands and I had put off buying something from there for so long, as I was suppose to be saving up...yeah that didn't really go to plan. I only purchased a few items as it was my first time ordering with them and didn't want to spend too much just incase. I am glad I did this as when I placed my order it arrived but none of my items were in the box, after speaking to them the only conclusion was that they got taken during transit. Luckily this was sorted quickly and they resent me the items after they had looked into the situation and I had them within a day. Anyways I received my items and they were perfect!

First off I have been wanting to try Gerard Cosmetics for so long especially their Hydra Matte Liquid Lipsticks I purchased two of these in Invasion and Ecstasy. I had wanted Invasion for so long as the colour was just so different and it was a colour that I needed to own. These were also my very first liquid lipsticks to try as I have only just got on the hype with these but I can definitely see me purchasing more in the future. At first I wasn't too keen on the lipsticks once they had dried because when you press your lips together they feel a bit sticky, which I did think would bother me but when I put the lipstick on and wore it out for the full day I realised that I didn't really notice the stickiness of the product. As it is a matte lipstick too some people can be worried that it is going to dry their lips out the next day, which I didn't really notice this but that could be just due to the fact that before I sleep I always put lip balm on.

They claim to be long lasting which is true I had mine on for over 6 hours and I didn't need to reapply within that time, which of course that is what you want if they claim it is long lasting. In the pictures you can see the colours are very similar apart from Ecstasy has more purple tones in it. These liquid lipsticks were £9.50 each which depending on your budget could be high priced or just in the middle. I am not 100% sure on if Gerard Cosmetics is seen as a drugstore or high end brand as they seem to be sat right in the middle just more to the high end side of the scale.

My next item I bought was an impulse buy from just seeing it, I knew I needed to purchase it. Lately I have been really enjoying contour, bronzer and highlighter it is one of the things I spend most of my time on when I am doing my make up. The Zoeva Rose Golden Blush Palette the Rose Golden packaging with embossed detailing is just amazing and definitely something which appealed to me. This palette has a contour/bronzer shade, highlight and a blush - which all work amazingly together. Another thing I love about this palette is the names for the products as they're based around Princess related words, which to me you can see from the palette it has that in my opinion royal elegant touch added to it. The price of this palette is £13 and in my opinion it was a £13 well spent as I am now just completely in love with this palette.

I can be quite picky when it comes to contour shades as I don't want it to be too orange on my skin or for it to look muddy. Zoeva have done an amazing job on this contour shade called 'Heavy Crown' as it is very light ideal for fair skin like myself, it is also very buildable so you can get a soft or a strong contour which can be blended out really easily. However it does take a good few times to actually get some colour pay off which sucks but I guess this is good if you're a bit too heavy handed.

The highlighter in this palette also has a gorgeous name which is 'Glowing Still' and when I first did a swatch with this it looked very white which made me worried that I was going to put it on and it would be super noticeable, this wasn't the case. It reminded me a lot of my Mary Lou from TheBalm but it wasn't as golden. It had more of a white iridescent colour to it which from all the highlighters I own none of them have this. I put both this and my Mary Lou together and they just complimented each other so well.

Finally the last product in this trio is the rose golden blush called 'Palace Door' which is a peach toned shimmer blush with rose gold mixed in with it. Applying this lightly gives a nice glow to the skin and compliments both the contour and highlighter, I didn't want to apply too much as it is easier to add than it is to take off. All the colours in this palette are super pigmented and creamy making them all easy to blend out. I can definitely see this becoming one of my holy grail products the only downside is there is no refill pans if you do need to replace them which is a shame.

I am really wanting to know some more good liquid lipsticks that are worth their money, so please let me know in the comments! Really want to get some more!!

Until Next Time,

Paige x