Sunday, 6 March 2016

Get To Know Me Tag!

I thought I would do something a little different which can help you guys get to know me a bit more, so what better than to do the 'Get To Know Me Tag'. I have seen loads of YouTubers do this and I thought I would do it, as I haven't ever really spoke about myself on my blog. So lets get in and answer the questions! 

Name? Paige (I'm not putting my full name for privacy)

Nicknames? Paigey, GazzaP, Gazza

Birthday? 27/12/1995

Place Of Birth? Leeds

Star Sign? Capricorn

Occupation? Sales Assistant

Hair Colour? Golden/Dirty Blonde

Hair Length? Long

Eye Colour? Blue

Best Feature? Probably my eyes or boobs hahaha!

Braces? Nope

Tattoos? None but I really want one!

Piercings? Nope

Righty or Lefty? Lefty

Best Friend? The person I have practically grown up with all my life.

Award? The ones in primary school like golden book or something??

Sport? Tag Rugby LMAO

Real Holiday? From what I can remember Cyprus but I'm certain there was more before that I just can't remember

Concert? Katy Perry

TV Series? Eastenders, Pretty Little Liars, Geordie Shore, Ex On The Beach

Film? I love too many especially romance ones like Love Rosie, The Notebook but I also love comedies.

Colour? Black, White and Grey

Song? I have way too many favourite songs!

Restaurant? Pizza Express

Book? I don't really read that much.

Shop? Clothing would probably be ASOS and make up I have too many.

Magazine? I use to always read reveal but now I don't really read magazines.

Shoes? Probably my black boots or vans/converse

Feeling? Nothing just my normal self

Single or Taken? Single

Eating? Nothing but I just ate some crisps

Listening To? The 1975's new album

Thinking About? These questions

Watching? Nothing

Wearing? My PJ's which isn't a shock

Want Children? Yes hopefully one day

Want To Be Married? Yes hopefully one day haha

Careers In Mind? Ideally I would love to become a make up artist

Where Do You Want To Live? Near my family but at the same time I would love to live in New York

Do You Believe In:
God? Nope

Miracles? Not really sure

Love At First Sight? Yes

Ghosts? Yes

Aliens? Nope

Soul Mates? Definitely!

Heaven? Not Sure

Hell? Not Sure 

Kissing On The First Date? Never been on a date so I don't know 

Yourself? I think so

I hope you liked this post it was something a little different compared to what I usually do, if you did like it and would like to see me do other tags then just let me know in the comments!!

Until Next Time,

Paige x