Thursday, 10 March 2016

Vanity Planet Ultimate Skin Spa Review

I have always wanted a Clarisonic but they were just always too expensive and I know when it comes to things like that I can use it endlessly and then not at all. So I was always open to a cheaper option but I wanted an option that would actually work. Then I came across Vanity Planet, I saw them after I was watching a YouTube video on their Skin Spa and they also had a discount code so instead of the product costing me $125 it had a discount where it didn't cost me half as much as what I would pay. Before purchasing it I watched a lot of reviews and also read reviews about this product and no one had nothing bad to say which I agree.

In the Ultimate Skin Spa you get a range of different heads for the machine which are:

- Daily Cleansing Brush which is made from soft bristles which are perfect if you have soft sensitive skin.

- Exfoliating Brush this is a lot more harder on your face as its main aim is to lift away any dirt from your face.

- Silicone Brush is there for when you want a deep but gentle clean which is ideal for dry or sensitive skin, the non-abrasive points work on gently removing any dead skin and unclog pores which will then prepare your skin for absorbing any face products.

It is recommended that for the best results with these brush heads that both your face and brush are wet prior to using the brush. To get the best from this brush with your product it is best that you keep the brush head flush to your skin, this is just to make sure that the motion of the brush is kept the same and doesn't reduce the effectiveness of it.

The machine is waterproof so can be used in the shower and runs on batteries so you don't have to worry about charging it up, I think this could have been a good thing for it as you could then leave it on charge over night but I guess using batteries isn't too bad - it is also batteries that you use in a day to day life so you won't have to go out hunting for a specific type when you receive your item.

I have used both the Daily Cleansing Brush and Exfoliating Brush so far and my skin felt amazing after using them, the facial wash that I used alongside this brush is the Soap and Glory Vitamin C Facial Wash. The movement of the brush head really helps to get into the skin and remove any dead skin. To me I find that when my face has been properly cleaned it works better with the products I put on after. I have also been trying to get a proper skin routine and I can definitely see myself working this into it.

If you're wanting a similar product to the Clarisonic I definitely recommend this, I would always look out for offers as they always seem to have offers on their site. The delivery isn't that bad either it takes around 2-3 working days which is just an added bonus (I think this product comes from america, not 100% sure though). The link for Vanity Planet and the Ultimate Skin Spa is here.

Have you tried this? or the clarisonic? What are your views? let me know in the comments!

Until Next Time,

Paige x